Oh What a Night

John 13:1

Before the Passover celebration, Jesus knew that his hour had come to leave this world and return to his Father. He now showed the disciples the full extent of his love. NLT

This message was preached April 17, 2003, at FBC Toulon, by Albert Harmon. See it at ToulonBaptist.com  

 Have you ever had one of those nights. You know, a night when every thing bad that could happen happened.

Well for Jesus this was such a night. But it was not unexpected. He knew that that time had come. He knew all that was to transpire but He continued on with it all.

The Scripture that covers this dusk to dawn period in Jesus life is fuller than any other period. In John's Gospel in comprises a major portion. So tonight we cannot take time to read all of these passages but we do want to note some of the things that happened to Jesus on that momentous night.

  1. It was a night of betrayal.
    1. Judas had already agreed with the Jews to betray Him.
    2. He would very soon take the cue from Jesus to do what he was going to do quickly.
    3. He had already conspired for thirty pieces of silver.
    4. But not until he allowed himself to be fully under the control of Satan would he fulfill is dreadful plan and betray the Son of God with a kiss.
  2. It was a night of prayer
    1. We often see Jesus rising early to pray.
    2. He is often said to pray all night.
    3. But here is the first glimpse into the struggle for ours souls and the victory over sin and death.
    4. Here we see Him sweat as it were Luke says great drops of blood as He prayed in the garden.
    5. But John has another who account of that night of prayer found in John 17.
    6. There we see the plan of God laid out as it were from eternity and just now coming to pass in due time as Jesus willingly lays down His life for the sheep.
  3. It was a night of bickering and strife.
    1. The disciples are so out of touch with the events of the day that they have been bickering as to which one of them would be the greatest.
    2. When in the midst of Jesus most trying hour the disciples are concerned about earthly things rather than spiritual.
    3. They had no concept of their kingdom duties or responsibilities.
  4. It was a night of humility.
    1. So Jesus the Son of God takes on His lowest station yet in life and proceeds to was the disciples feet.
    2. Each of them were far too proud to do that for one another.
    3. What is most amazing is that this was more than an object lesson for Jesus really was that kind of a servant.
  5. It was a night of shallow dedication.
    1. In all of this night a contention arises between Peter and Jesus.
    2. Jesus lovingly tells Peter that his dedication is not really as strong as he thinks.
    3. Peter vows to go to prison and even death with Jesus this night.
    4. But Jesus reveals the shallowness of Peters dedication by revealing that Peter will deny even knowing Jesus, not once or twice but three times.
    5. But don't forget the others.
    6. They too make their shallow empty promises, but they too will all forsake Him and flee for their lives leaving Jesus to suffer and die alone.
  6. It was a night of great promise
    1. For you see none of these things were a surprise to Jesus.
    2. He knew that this was His hour and all that it contained.
    3. So He set before them a continual ordinance that tells us of what Jesus planned to do on their behalf.
    4. That He intended to give His body to be broken for them and us.
    5. That He intended to pour out His blood as a coving for our sins in order to give us forgiveness.