Communication the Flame of Love

Genesis 3:8

And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden. NKJV

In the time of man's innocence we have a beautiful picture. God comes to man every evening in the cool of the day to communion and to communicate with him. There is no sin. There is no shame. Every day man can thank his Creator for the blessings of the day. Every day man can tell God of the new discoveries he has made.

God has a wonderful plan. God and man in daily communication with each other. Each day man waiting, anticipating the time when once again God would come into the garden. Man has stored up all the things he want so say.

But then Satan comes into the picture. He puts the question into the mind of man that maybe God does not really care for him as man thinks. Maybe God is withholding something. Something that would be good for man and pleasurable.

And man believes the lie. Man distrusts the loving creator and sides with the deceiver. Man makes his decision. He will go against God. He will follow the leading of the devil.

That day as the evening came and the cool breeze once again filled the garden with a pleasant air, God once again comes to the garden, but the man is hiding. He is hiding from the loving creator. Hiding for shame.

Now, because of his sin, communication with the creator will never be what God intended. Men will be born and grow up and never once thank God for the blessings of the day. Untold millions and billions with each day take their food without ever giving God a thankful word.

Children will grow up into adults who would be more ashamed to be caught praying than to have people know that they never do.

But for the Christian this can never be true. In Christ Jesus we have been restored. We have been brought back into a right relationship with God. We do not doubt the love of our Creator for we know His Son. We have a love relationship with Him.

The communication flow freely. You might as well try to stop the communication of a 7 year old come home from school as still the communication of the Christian with God.

As children can't wait to talk to their loving parents so the Christian anticipates the time of prayer. It is the flame that keeps the love relationship aglow.

If you cut off the communication love will die. Love will not continue, cannot continue if communication is not alive. There is no other thing that will cause love to burst into the flames of a dedicated passion. A passion that one would die for.

The love relationship that Jesus calls us to is one that we are willing to die for. Jesus says that unless we are willing to go to the cross for Him we are not worthy of Him. Is that the love relationship you have with God?

Does God come to you in the cool of the day? Is there a sweet communion with Him? Are you longing to tell Him about your day and to call upon Him for wisdom and strength? Are you wanting to tell Him your sorrows and about your trials?

It could be that your communication and communion with God is not what it should be. How can you tell and how can you change all of that?

  1. Be sure of who you are.
    1. A born again believer.
      1. Nothing come harder for an unbeliever that prayer.
      2. Prayer is the breath of faith. If there is no life, there can be no breath.
    2. A child of God.
      1. Like a child talking to a parent, prayer is a natural expression of a relationship.
      2. But if there is no relationship, prayer is used only in times of great trials.
      3. Oh by the way God is not obligated to answer prayers of those who are not His children.
  2. Be sure you make time for God.
    1. If we do not make times of communication with God our days will be filled with what we think is more important.
    2. We have allowed the urgent replace the important things in our lives.
  3. Allow God's word to guide you.
    1. Allow God to speak to you so that you can speak back to Him.
    2. Ask God what He is saying.
    3. Pray the passage back to Him.
  4. Tell God your greatest desires, your greatest struggles.
    1. A lot of people pray like the speak to other people.
      1. Hi, how are you doing,
      2. Do you think it will rain today.
      3. They talk about everything but what is really important to them.
    2. God wants to share our deepest desires.
    3. There isn't anything that I don't talk to God about.
  5. Thank Him for your blessings.
    1. Every night when Victoria pray, I find something to thank God for that day.
    2. Thank Him that your are still breathing if nothing else.
  6. Confess your sins.
    1. He knows them already.
    2. But we don't like to talk about those type of things.
    3. We do not like to talk about our failings.
    4. If we confess and repent, He will cleanse us and help us.
  7. Pray for others.
    1. For your enemies.
    2. For your family.
    3. For missionaries
    4. For Christians persecuted for their faith in other parts of the world.
    5. For those not an fortunate as yourself.
    6. Pray for our leaders.
    7. Pray for your pastor.
    8. The real Lord's prayer was primarily about others.
      1. John 17
      2. Jesus prayed for the disciples.
      3. He prayed for you and me.
      4. And He is still praying for us.

Jesus took time for prayer every day. Large blocks of His time was given to prayer.

If He prayed should we do less?

Since He prayed why would we not pray?

Begin to pray. Set a time and place to be alone with God. Once you develop a daily relationship with Him you will find yourself doing as Paul admonished some of his followers.

1 Thess 5:17-18 pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. NKJV 

 This message was preached at FBC Toulon,

by Albert Harmon. See it at