Does God Really Exist?

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God . . .

  1. God is the only viable explanation for the universe.
    1. They used to think that the universe was eternal and that matter was eternal.
    2. But now it is almost universally accepted that the universe had a beginning.
    3. The only explanation is either an eternal universe or an eternal Being.
  2. God is the only possible explanation for life.
    1. The idea of random chance, random variation and survival of the fittest cannot explain the complexity of life.
    2. More and more scientist have come to the vew that Darwin's theory is totally inadequate to explain complex life, and all life is complex.
    3. They have never found a missing link.
    4. They have never found what has to be, by their theory, millions of transitional fossils.
    5. Darwin's theory cannot explain irreducibly complex structures in living organisms.
  3. God is the only explanation for the life, death & resurrection of Jesus.
    1. No event of ancient history is more firmly documented than the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    2. There is no logical explanation for the lives of the disciples other than the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  4. God is the only explanation for changed lives.
    1. Look at the Apostle Paul.
      1. You cannot explain his conversion other than to admit there is a real God.
    2. We can multiply this example by millions of times.
    3. People who have changed their lives without any explanation other than God.

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